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MISSING PIECES (the party program revised)

Posted by Mary Dolan on September 13, 2008 at 1:40 PM
MISSING PIECES (the party program revised)

As with all things related to this cd project, bloopers found their way into the CD Release Party Program.
When I tried to print it out at home, it just wasn't happening. The computer and printer were not getting along at all, so I copied the file to a thumb drive and ran to Kinko's where I was able to print it out and make copies. Somewhere, somehow, when I was schmegging it all together at Kinko's I must have deleted some lines in the program.
So, here's what it was supposed to be (if you have the program from the show, you'll see the differences in the last few songs and in the thank you's).

"In Bloom"
Sept 12, 2008
Portugalia in Ocean Beach

This four-time San Diego Music Awards winner blends many styles of American music into a high caliber musical cocktail topped off with a splash of her indelible "lemonade and whiskey" voice. Take a powerhouse band, lay a foundation of solid rock hooks, then add soaring pop melodies and a dash of alt-country twang and you've got Eve's brand of infectious Roadhouse Rock.

Born a golden dragon with an all expense paid ticket to Heaven, the bunny bounces from momment to momment at the will of his creator... Life is but a trip for our minds to endure, not the easiest of tasks but it's our blessing for this mysterious experience we all wonder through together... living inside the minds eye center sifting in the flow understanding that he knows nothing and finds solidarity in the ever present changing reality his human feet stand upon... we're all standing on loose foundation... meditation is the medicine of the twenty first century... dance with me and die with a smile on your face where ever you are... LOVE fights back!!!

And then, there's Mary.

After a 3-year hiatus Mary Dolan returns to the stage with songs of anguish, discovery, love and light. The human experience takes its musical form through Mary's distinctive vocal and lyrical stylings.

...the anguish...
I once thought that this song's meaning would be clear to anyone, but the varied interpretations of it proved me wrong. So what does it mean to you?

Sometimes when life gets hard some people just need to drive and think. This road trip in particular goes through the desert.

CRAZY BABY (osborne)
I heard this song on Joan Osborne's CD, "Relish" and it got me in the gut. It reminds me of people I've known and places I've been. So I had to sing it.

Ever feel misunderstood? Yeah, me too. I recently met some people who TOTALLY didn't "get" me and made some ugly assumptions about me. Ouch.


This song was released a few years after the death of Portland singer/songwriter Elliott Smith. I recently discovered it myself and have taken some liberties with it to express my connection with and reliance upon the divine mother.

NEXT TIME (dolan)
A nod to the eastern philosophy of the law of karma, I ask myself...given the time and lives spent searching, seeking, praying, trying and hoping for union with God, where will I be in the next life?

Ah, parents, family...I was thinking of discussions that I had had with my sisters when I came up with this song.

I just LOVE the creative process, yet I have this amazing habit of cutting myself off from all that is Good about it. This is a kind of a song prayer to remember not do do that so much.

A trusted and beloved teacher told me that Saint Teresa of Avila was a good saint for me. Teresa is now one of my heroes. She went back and forth in her spiritual efforts as I do, but, SHE persisted and achieved the bliss and blessings that came with the merging of herself with her Lord.
The "western" part refers to the twangy feel the song.

HEY JESUS (dolan)
Regardless of who Jesus is to you - god, saint, prophet, holy man, super cool dude - it's safe to say that all faiths and peoples regard his life and message of "love thy neighbor" as true and signifiant.
So with that and in light of all that happens in this world, what we read in the papers, see on the news, what we experience in our daily lives, wouldn't it be great if Jesus came around, maybe showed up on international television and said, "Hey, remember me? And by the way, what are you people DOING?!"


When we are at our best, this is what we do.

Let's let our lights shine!!!


Jim & Judi Douglas

Cathy & Jerry Dolan
Teresa Graige
Frankie Thompson
Cecilia Wiegand

Teri Studer

Steve & Robin Clancy
Teresa Graige

Elizabeth Austen
Mark Branning
Gregg Wagner
Gothic Innovations

My deepest gratitude to those who have provided love, strength and prayers on this journey:
Kristi and Jack Douglas
Trisha Brady
Christine Dolan
Elizabeth McKenty
Rebecca Serrano
The Crowe/Rooney contingency

And to those who supported the return to music:
Anita York
Cathryn Beeks
Robin Lee
Jefferson Jay
Mac Mac
Tim Flack
Sven Seahom
Jeffery Miller
Elizabeth Hummel
(I know there are more. I'm sorry if you weren't mentioned here)

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