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MARCH 2017


Pain and Hope

Posted by Mary Dolan on June 18, 2014 at 4:55 PM

One of the heaviest mental hurdles I have ever had to face has to do with physical pain.  I've been trying to recover from neck, back and shoulder injuries from work, and have had small lengths of stability, followed by more and more intense pain.  

Physical pain becomes a major contributor to depression and hopelessness.  Add in the feelings of not belonging anywhere after divorce and one can feel combustible, on the brink of implosion and the sense that the slightest amount of friction will be the ignited fuse.

This is not merely analogy.  This is what life has been for a couple of weeks (the brink of implosion part).  For roughly two years I have been swinging from uselessness to self-loathing, to mild contentment, to all of the various phases of grief and now, most recently, agitation and irritability (which I believe I have peri-menopause to thank).

It is the great love that I have for my children that has kept me going and I thank God for such beauty.

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